This workshop has concluded, please stay tuned for future opportunities

Improving Observing Network Coordination: A Cyberinformatics Forum

Hosted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research

When: 17 - 19 May 2010

Time: Noon Monday May 17 - 1:00pm Wednesday May 19

Location: Millennium Harvest House Hotel
1345 28th St. Boulder, Colorado 80302

Registration Fee: None (due to NSF support)

Registration Deadline: 7 May 2010 - the workshop has concluded, please stay tuned for future opportunities

The number of NSF-supported environmental observing projects has grown steadily over the last few years. Significant recent additions include OOI, NEON, and AON, and planning and definition of additional activities is underway. During this same period, rapid progress in communication and information technologies and other aspects of cyberinfrastructure (CI) have continued to create new possibilities for integration and coordination across observing systems. And the interdisciplinary research activities and user communities that desire data from multiple sources continue to grow. The NCAR-hosted Cyberobservatories project has been examining technical and organizational issues within and across observing projects for the last 4 years. We are organizing a May, 2010 forum to build on this work, continue the ongoing discussion among observatories and CI practitioners, and identify opportunities for:

  • Enhancing the usability and productivity of observing systems
  • Building linkages among systems to support interdisciplinary research
  • Reducing or overcoming barriers to collaboration across observing projects
  • Improving the coordination among NSF-sponsored environmental observing projects and between these projects and relevant efforts supported by other agencies.

The forum will produce a short series of specific, community-based findings and conclusions for NSF to consider as it continues to define and manage its CI and observing system portfolios.

We have reached a critical junction at the nexus of technology, integration, and capacity that necessitates thoughtful input from all corners of our community if we are to successfully achieve the promise of CI for environmental observations. Please join us May 17-19 in Boulder, CO and lend your voice and perspective.